Monday, March 14, 2011

Clearing space for God

The Lenten season is a time to positively consider how we might shape our lives to worship Jesus by clearing out distractions and confessing sin. Matthew 6 gives us a good framework for the types of concrete disciplines that can help us deepen our relationship with God in this way. As we move through the Lenten season, each Wednesday the ministry staff at Compass Church will invite Matt 6 to inspire us with these questions:
1) For whom or what will I live (6:1 & 24)?

How will I give (6:2-3)?
3) How will I pray (6:5-13)?
4) How will I practice forgiveness (6:14-15)?
How will I fast (6:16-18)?
How will I detach from and let go of earthly treasures (6:19-21)?

We hope that this will be beneficial for you, and we look forward to hearing God's blessing in your lives as a result!

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